Malmö and Lund’s Best Days Out


22 Day trips, 2 maps to the wonderful cities Malmö and Lund, situated in Southern Sweden.



Malmö & Lund’s Best Days Out: Are you curious about the twin cities of Southern Sweden?

In Malmö & Lund’s Best Days Out we encourage you to enjoy the creative big city pulse of Malmö and the charming ambience of historical Lund. Choose from the wide selection of experiences there are to be had – it’s your adventure.

It is an independent guide mady by a local guide company.

Find your way to Malmö and Lund’s Best Days Out

Who are you travelling with? In this guide, you will find tips for different groups: Families with children, People interested in design and culture, or the Adventure seekers looking for some roller coaster fun and action.

Go ahead and rent a bike in bike-friendly Malmö and Lund. The maps have directions to safe countryside cycling roads, packed with the typical windmills and other vistas. Find places to try an authentic Swedish fika, unique shops, and beautiful stately homes.

Sweden’s Best Days Out are thrilled to guide you to the best outdoor experiences, cultural activities, and places of special interest.

The guide is also available in Swedish.

More tips

Here you can find more excursions in Malmö.

Note Shipping costs SEK 50. One map will thus be SEK 150, two maps SEK 250, etc.


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